I don't recall where the fear came from. I ran through the dark, two yellow eyes following me towards a black lake. I reached the bank and jumped into the icy water, swimming, hoping the eyes would not chase me there, but they did. I felt fear overwhelm me so I dove towards the bottom, swimming towards a deathly darkness. I swam and swam, not daring to look up. When I felt my lungs screaming for air I dared a glance back up towards the surface.

The eyes were gone. I spun around and began kicking to the top but I could see the color of the lake changing and with a heart sinking realization I saw the lake freezing from the outside towards the middle. It was faster than I and I watched as the rough ice sealed my tomb. I felt hundreds of hands dragging me to the bottom and I looked up hoping to see a glimpse of light. Two yellow eyes stared down at me through the ice and I realized with horror that they would be the last thing I ever saw.

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